Medical Facilities & Clinics

Let CCS be your one-stop solution to keeping your doctors office, medical clinic, laboratory or other institution clean around the clock.  We understand that the state has strict regulations, guidelines and standards relating to medical facilities and institutions of this sort and our cleaning crews are specifically trained to handle any job.  Our experienced staff members are experts in cleaning around the various types of equipment that sometimes leak or drain chemicals, solutions and other build-up / deposits.  You can be secure in knowing that we are knowledgeable in the medical / janitorial field and are prepared to deal with any issues that may arise.

Our current client roster includes dialysis centers, optometrists, walk-in clinics, dental care centers, general practice, laboratories and surgeons.  These facilities are staffed with highly educated professionals who know that the cleaning should be done is such a way that it complements the atmosphere within the medical group and cleaning responsibilities should be held to the highest standards. The medical facilities’ cleaning experts at CCS handle these circumstances on a regular basis and to them, the duties are second nature. Our professional quality care managers do weekly inspections with a detailed checklist to ensure that nothing is missed

Let CCS worry about the janitorial services and you can focus on running your business.

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