Our focus at CCS is cleaning for health first, which has several benefits. As our workers clean they are killing harmful bacteria that can infect them or your employees or customers.

A clean building can have a major impact on how people feel and behave in the workplace. This is very important to the success of your business. At CCS we know that very well.

You also need to know, it is bacteria that creates foul odors if not treated properly.

In addition to destroying bacteria, our cleaning system effectively removes dust from the work environment rather than simply moving it around. Indoor air quality is enhanced as our vacuums suction particles from the atmosphere. Our procedures have unique checking systems, which verify functions have been performed properly with health as a priority.

We use biodegradable chemicals whenever possible to minimize environmental harm.


Each new customer will meet an Account Manager and their cleaning personnel before the first clean. They meet you at your facility to do a complete walk through and orientation with you.

  • The Manager creates a "Do" and "Do not do" list to customize your cleaning to your exact needs.
  • Your eyes, the Managers eyes, and the cleaners' eyes all see the exact same things. Everyone has the exact same information and criteria to provide you with the best possible cleaning.
  • Your cleaning days and times are confirmed
  • Keys and/or codes are provided to the Manager
  • A Manager will periodically visit your business and contact you proactively to maintain your customer service and satisfaction.

Biggest secret of our service is the regular inspections performed by our Account Managers.

  • Our Account Manager will schedule regular visits to your facility, do a thorough evaluations on their own, or with a person from your company, and give you an update.
  • Any irregularity, however small, will be noted and addressed by your cleaning team.
  • Our Account Managers are equipped with iPads, which enables them to take pictures of the problem and report back instantly. 
  • We have internal systems to track and monitor performance, and our goal is to have complete customer satisfaction.